Friday, July 27, 2007

Review - OpenFire

Server application with IM to SIP capability, is what the web site claims. Let's see if this beast can run on CentOS box preloaded with Asterisk. Our goal here is to work on allowing instant messaging over IP to any SIP account anywhere in the world. Instant messaging is growing and our group want to see it incorporated into an Asterisk based solution.

CentOS - Link
Asterisk - Link
OpenFire - Link

Our recent review of TrixBox stands.
Softphones - works well
Sipura 1000 - works well

Always remember to upgrade your server to its most current version without
adding a bunch of beta software. Beta means beta. Stable means runs without
crashing every few seconds or rebooting, or core dumping every day or two.

More coming soon !

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