Monday, May 12, 2008

AnalogX cacheBoost

Was having an issue using USB 2 drives on USB 1 ports and trying to do all kinds of video with them. Cant be done you say? Well I found out that if I killed everything but the programs needed it did not overtake the drive, sometimes. Noticed the cache kept not keeping up. Looked and rememeber our old developers at , downloaded cacheboost, under systems and followed instructions. My burns come out smooth as glass. Thanks.

We like to test older harder since 1-2 GHZ machines are very common with DVD burners, and have seen this issue reported by hundreds, all begging for a software fix. This group is amazing. Love tons of their applications and ideas- bofh

Website :
Package: cacheBoost
OS: Windows XP-PRO (tested)
rating: 5 stars
rated by: wanman-bofh

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

VLC to the rescue ?

After testing package after package , the easiest by far is VLC. Simple , easy to install, runs on just about everything, and best of all its free. Need to distribute video, audio or both and need a win, win application ?