Tuesday, July 3, 2007

CentOS - Webmin - Usermin - Spam Assassin Combo

Finished Product - CentOS running Webmin/Usermin and Spam Assassin creating a simple spam solution with a simple graphical interface. Cost : 0$/Free - 4+ HOURS - based on connection speed for downloads, software updates and speed. Can handle easy 4 GIG plus of mail a day with 2.4 GHZ CPU with 512 megs of ram, loaded onto a 60 gig ide drive.

Download CentOS
Boot & Install
Once installation completed:
login as root
yum install -y webmin
Login to webmin
Click on usermin
Follow instruction to add.
When completed :
click servers
click SpamAssassin Mail Filter
If not installed, follow instructions.
Once installed, your up and running.
Log into usermin
Your SpamAssassin Mail Filter is embedded into each server email account.

Simple solution. Recommend installing firewall and firewall rules
to reduce attacks to your system. Seen allot of attacks on the net
and recommend protection for every server on the Internet.

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