Sunday, May 20, 2007

GWGet for Linux

GWget is a download manager for unix. I needed a download manager for my Ubuntu desktop, and wanted to try out unix GUI download managers.

Why ? Well Ubuntu runs on a GUI interface that allows me to have several desktops worth of work screen upon screen. I needed to also restrict how much bandwidth the manager pulled. Like most developers, we tend to download an ISO image of a project which is 600+ megabits of storage used at a time. This where for me, a download manger comes in. They remember all thje details of the link and automatically restart the download if ever disrupted.

GWGet : Unix Download Manager
Easy to install on Ubuntu with software manager.

Stable: 5 stars
Design: 4 stars

The program was very accurate and stable, which to us is everything. The GUI was simple and easy to use, and installed into Ubuntu in maybe 2 minutes. It uses the WGET principles and does a very good job . Design was extremely boring.

Overall 4.5 Stars out of 5

David Sedeño Fernández
Julien Cegarra

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