Friday, April 27, 2007

IPCOP - Linux Firewall with easy to use Internface

IPCop is a Linux based firewall distribution, which aims to provide a simple-to-manage firewall appliance based on PC hardware. IPCop is a Stateful firewall built on the Linux netfilter framework.

Originally a fork of the SmoothWall Linux firewall, the projects are developed independently, and have now diverged significantly.

IPCop is licensed under the GPL, and is developed, in traditional Open Source style, by a diverse development group spread across the Internet at large. CD-ROM images for the installation CD are distributed via a network of mirrors. Support websites are maintained in English, French, German and Dutch. IPCop's user interface is available in 17 languages.

IPCop includes a simple, user managed update mechanism to install security updates when required.

Although not an official part of IPCop, there are many addons, some based on the addon server and some not, that add lots of additional functionality to IPCop such as advanced QoS, e-mail virus checking, traffic summary, extended interfaces for controlling the proxy, and many more.

Development of IPcop continues. A significant new release, version 1.4.0, now based on the LFS distribution, was released in October 2004, offering an updated user interface and a number of additional language options. Version 1.5 is currently in active development.

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Will be loading onto demo PC 1 GHZ with 512 megs RAM as test. Will review results.

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