Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Quartz on CentOS

Short post. Lonh detailed with modules and such coming soon.

OK first I went out and googled Blue Quartz CentOS. Brought me several liknks to download a few ISO's. Brians seems to be the favorite.
Visiting here


There are tons of packages that work on centOS and some like mambo, joomla, webmail and more that brings extra value to the hosted solution.

Security , upgrades

After placing several p4 2.4 GHZ boxes out on the net to get thrashes, that boy they did.

A security firewall needs to be intergrated into the OS, to asists admins from loosing web sites, customers and lots of hair.

Sure you can load webmin with IPtables but intergrated into the OS is just not the same. I have seen PHP bots and worms that convert units within minutes to web site redirectors to who knows where. RIP out PHP and there goes the programing interface the box provides.

After spending hours back tracking the basis of my theory, I found that Blue Quarzt running on Free BSD, or CentOS provided different results based on different levels of the OS. From what I have seen BSD is more stable since it upgrades all of its core and modules at one ( takes longer too), but in return limiting a server from compiling is a cheap trick to get the hackers from setting up village.

From a simple firwall to our advanced firewall/port filtering/bandwidth filtering server, local built and developed for just this purpose. Back to the cute box on the shelf housing out 10 dollar a month web spaces colocated making you money.

Should the box firewall off the trash itself by simply running IPTABLES,

Plug Server into active network handing out DHCP leases.

SSH in box
username root
password defaultpassword

type yum -y install iptables
type yum -y install webmin

after webmin installed open web browser.
http://server ip:10000

make sure you have turned off any popup blockers. login is root with default password

I would be intersted in donating the IP tables or turtle firewall port to be intergrated into the OS and given a simple GUI interface included with the OS.

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